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Membership criteria

The regulations for membership and business space tenancy must reflect the spirit that promoted the creation of the Albacete Science and Technology Park Foundation and the assessment criteria for tenants must include the ideas set out in the objectives of the Foundation as established in its Statutes.

On this basis, the membership regulations shall: 

  • Analyze the innovative and technological character of each proposal and the collaboration with research centers. 
  • Analyze investments and financial feasibility of the project. 
  • Analyze the collaboration relationships or complementarities of the business in relation to the firms already established in the Park. 
  • Guarantee that the company undertakes the fulfillment of the Park internal regulations.

In addition to this, in order to meet the objective of supporting “the creation of new productive activities, technological progress and economic growth”, efforts should be made so that the companies located in the neighboring area (SMEs in the province or region) can benefit from the opportunities offered by this project. For this reason, two different assessment criteria are required: one for businesses which only intend to lease office space with lighter requirements and a more demanding criteria for those businesses which intent to build their own premises. This distinction aims at the incorporation to this project of entrepreneurial initiatives which, starting from a traditional business approach, are willing to start a new beginning driven by innovation and technology. This type of businesses should be assessed according to their goals for the future rather than to their current situation. 



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