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Scientific And Technological Area


The Albacete Science and Technology Park  requires a certain level of specialization in the activity sectors at which its research and business projects are aimed. For this reason the Park has defined the following areas of interest:



Information Technology.

Renewable energy and Environment.

Automation and Robotics.


The preferential option for these areas is determined by their promising future and by the interest of regional institutions to promote the creation of a new entrepreneurial framework. Moreover, the potentiation of certain areas, as information technology, automation and robotics and even renewable energy and environment, can help improve the competitiveness of the remaining entrepreneurial framework in the community.


For this reason, a specific Research Centre has been attached to each area mentioned. These centres are complemented with already existing centres in the University Campus offering related areas of knowledge.



  • Institute for Industrial Development


 Information Technology:

  • Computer Research Institute

 Renewable Energy and Environment:

  • Renewable Energy Research Institute
  • ITAP


 Automation and Robotics:

  • Institute for Industrial Development



  • Regional Centre for Biomedical Research


The Albacete Science and Technology Park offers a high quality space as an instrument which brings together in the same space the different agents of the science and technology system.