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Business Area

It has been attempted to bring to this project the best social consensus possible, integrating the different areas of business and society. These form part of the Advisory Body, whose role is to deal with any problems and to collaborate in the success of the project. This initiative, which has a predominantly regional character, favours the creation of an environment whereby innovative initiatives can be planted. These initiatives can help to form a culture of entrepreneurs, which in turn will help to improve competitiveness within the business world. The park intends to attract all type of initiatives and creative projects, not only at the level of our community, but also beyond. For this we will count on, from the beginning, the support of the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

The objective of  Science and Technology Park is to help companies on their way to improving their competitiveness. To this end, there will be offered meeting rooms and technological instruments that will aid inter company cooperation.

Together with this, the Park dedicates special attention to supporting the creation of business that have a technological base. For this project the park counts on a wide collaboration with the European Centre of Business and Innovation of Albacete In these surroundings the park offers units for rent as well as land that offers the opportunity for businesses to construct their own buildings. Previous to doing opening, the business should submit a business plan outlining their proposed activity. This will be evaluated by a committee of experts. Once the project has been given the go ahead, the business can start to open.